I have spoken at conferences around the world on topics ranging from monitoring systems and hardware provisioning at scale, to the design and maintenance of effective devops engineering cultures. My talks and keynotes have been presented at events such as O’Reilly Velocity, QCon, Write/Speak/Code, The Lead Developer, Monitorama, and devopsdays. Selected recent talks include:

heretical resilience - to repair is human

In this talk, I describe the Apache Snafu written about in the SNAFUCatchers’ Stella Report and share practical suggestions for growing organizational resilience in an engineering environment.

Building bridges with effective devops

This keynote covers the foundational pillars described in Effective Devops and discusses how they can be used to create an engineering culture that can help to prevent burnout.

Put some dev in your devops

This talk goes into detail about the development of a hardware provisioning toolchain, focusing on adding testability and deployment to an existing system with minimal disruption to users.

Upcoming speaking engagements

If you are interested in having me speak at an internal or external event, please get in touch.

In addition to conference speaking engagements and training presentations, I have also been a guest speaker on industry podcasts such as The Ship Show and Arrested Devops. Recent highlighted episodes include:

real world devops

On an episode of Real World Devops, I talked about the different ways that teams can respond to production incidents and how those responses can help build safe learning environments and resilient engineering cultures.

the trans mission podcast

On the first episode of the Trans Mission Podcast, I joined Ryanne Fox, Lauren Granger, and Jamey Hampton for an empathetic conversation on trans experiences in the tech industry.

The Trans Mission Podcast, Episode 1