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On cultural stagnation

A key aspect of resilience engineering is being able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. For a culture or organization to be resilient, it needs to be able to change as well. The attitude of “we’ve always done it this way” is harmful whether it is applied to technology or culture.

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On failure

Progress isn't always linear. It doesn't always come in the form of big concrete achievements. There's a big difference between feeling like I did some things that were failures versus feeling that I myself am a failure.

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On to 2019

Moving to a new country and transitioning were certainly significant in the overall course of my life, but it's been really difficult to look back at the year and feel like I didn't have a single notable professional accomplishment.

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On slowing down

I got to a point where trying so hard to maintain some amount of "productivity" started to feel counter-productive. Seeing notably shorter to-do lists feels weird, but those lists were supposed to be a tool to enhance my life, not something to control or overwhelm it.

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On learning to enjoy things

I've discovered that giving myself room to be bad at some things frees up a lot of mental energy that I can use for the things I really do want to be good at. I spent so much time in my past worrying that if I let myself be bad at anything then I'd end up being bad at everything, but by not giving myself any space to just enjoy things I ended up burning out instead.

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On to 2018

I want to make sure that I spend my energy much more carefully going forward, and this means making a deliberate effort to free myself from things that use up fucks without giving me anything in return. I want 2018 to be the year that I set myself free from other people's expectations of what I should be.

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On becoming Ryn

Being nonbinary feels right, as opposed to just feeling less wrong. I would like to hope that the more of us are able to share our stories, the easier things might be for other nonbinary people in the future as they travel their own gender exploration journeys.

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On productivity when you just can't even

I’ve used to-do lists and planners to try to bring some order to things, to help me remember what needs to be done, and to keep track of goals. I’ve been using habit tracking to help me maintain healthy routines. I’ve had to reassess what is really important to me, and figure out how that changes over time, and sometimes I’ve quit things, giving present-me some room to breathe and to better support future-me.

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